Easy Fluffy Green Onion Sesame Rolls


Easy Fluffy Green Onion Sesame Rolls Recipe:
milk ~ ½ cup –> I used organic milk
egg ~ 1
bread flour ~ 2 cups
salt ~ ½ tsp
butter ~ 30g OR you can use olive oil ~ 2 tbsp
sugar ~ 2 tbsp
yeast ~ 2 tbsp
green onion ~ LOTS! –> I used bo ba’s organic green onions fresh from his garden!
salt ~ 2 tbsp –> how salty you’d like is really up to you
olive oil ~ 1 tbsp
sesame oil ~ 1 tbsp
Some white sesame to garnish the top + 1 egg to brush the rolls
1. Fit the dough hook to your electric mixer.  Mix all of the dough ingredients in the bowl until elastic and smooth.
2. Oil the bowl, shape the dough into a nice, smooth round ball.  Cover the bowl with a damp kitchen cloth.  Place in a warm place for 1-2 hours until it doubles in size.  My place is usually not that warm, so my trick is to pre-heat the oven for 2-3 minutes, then turn it off and leave the bowl in there until it doubles in size.
3. Punch the dough with your fist to knock it back.  Roll it into a rectangle of approximately 1/3 inch thick.
4. Spread the olive oil, sesame oil onto the dough.  Add salt and green onion and spread them evenly.  Roll and cut the dough into 16 pieces.
5. Grease a loaf tin with oil. Place the rolls in the pan.  Cover the pan with a damp cloth again and let it rise in a warm place for approximately 30 minutes until they look snugly fitted together.
6. Now generously brush the egg onto the rolls and sprinkle sesame.
7. Bake in a 400 F oven for 30-40 minutes or until the wooden stick comes out clean.
You are done!  It sounds like a long process but it’s really easy!  The key thing is I don’t need to knead and I can do my own things when the dough proves.  =)
My coconut rolls turned out great too!  So easy to make!  =D
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